TraMck's Escape: Stress In The City

November 3rd, 2023 - 4pm - 10pm
@The Hedge


At TraMck Connections: TraMcK’s Escape, our mission is to bridge the gap between entertainment and mental wellness education. We believe that immersive experiences can foster empathy, understanding, and resilience, while promoting conversations about mental health that reduce stigma and empower individuals.


Our vision is to create a world where mental wellness is openly discussed, understood, and prioritized. We envision a society in which people of all backgrounds can access engaging and transformative escape room experiences that not only entertain but also inspire personal growth and emotional well-being.

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Awareness and Education: Through our escape rooms, we aim to educate participants about various aspects of mental health, including challenges, coping strategies, and support networks. We want to contribute to increased awareness and knowledge surrounding mental wellness.

Empathy and Understanding: By immersing participants in scenarios that mirror real-life mental health struggles, we seek to foster empathy and understanding. Our objective is to break down barriers and encourage open dialogue about mental health topics.

Resilience Building: We strive to equip participants with practical tools to enhance their emotional resilience. Through problem-solving, teamwork, and self-discovery, we aim to empower individuals to navigate life's challenges with greater confidence.


Create Engaging Experiences: Develop immersive escape room experiences that captivate participants' attention, utilizing puzzles and narratives that resonate with the complexities of mental health.

Promote Positive Conversations: Facilitate conversations about mental health that are inclusive, nonjudgmental, and supportive. We aim to contribute to a culture where people feel comfortable discussing their emotional well-being.

Reduce Stigma: Work towards reducing the stigma surrounding mental health by presenting it as a natural and important aspect of overall well-being.

Empower and Educate: Empower participants with insights, tools, and strategies that enhance their understanding of mental wellness and equip them to support themselves and others.

Community Impact: Collaborate with local mental health organizations, schools, and community groups to extend the impact of our escape room experiences and contribute to larger conversations about mental health.

TraMcK’s Escape is committed to creating dynamic and transformative experiences that promote mentalwellness and ignite conversations. By combining entertainment with education, we aim to make a lastingdifference in the lives of individuals and communities alike.

The Story
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TraMcK's Escape: Stress in the City In the bustling heart of Tulsa, where dreams and ambitions converge, a group of friends had gathered from across the country. Lily, Alex, and Jordan, each with their unique backgrounds and aspirations, were drawn to the city's promise of success. Little did they know, the journey ahead would test not just their ambitions but their mental strength as well.

As the story unfolds, the friends quickly find themselves immersed in the throes of city life. The demands of jobs, relationships, and the fast-paced lifestyle weighed heavily on their minds. Unbeknownst to their peers, each of them carried their own burden of mental health challenges—Lily with anxiety, Alex with depression, and Jordan with self-doubt.

They heard about a life-changing event: the opening of a groundbreaking escape room called "TraMcK's Escape: Stress in the City." Created with a deep understanding of mental health and wellness, this escape room was a sanctuary for those seeking not only entertainment but a journey of self-discovery, coping, and healing.

Room Information

Room 1: Depression Den

Transitioning to the Depression Den, the room enveloped in darkness, the group learns of Alex's struggle with depression. As they solve puzzles that reflect fragments of Alex's journey, they unearth stars that form affirmations of self-compassion.

Room 2: Anxiety Oasis

The journey begins as the friends enter the Anxiety Oasis. In this room filled with video game stations and shelves of books, they discover that Lily has been battling anxiety. Together, they immerse themselves in puzzles that simulate anxious scenarios, teaching them focus, teamwork, and the power of quick decisions.

Room 3:
Self-Discovery Sanctuary

Entering the Self-Discovery Sanctuary, bathed in natural light and overlooking the city, the friends encounter Jordan's battle with self-doubt. Through reflective puzzles and activities, they help Jordan recognize their strengths and values, building a foundation of self-confidence.

Room 4:
Healing Haven

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